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QTAU is a piano roll editor and multilingual voice synthesizer compatible with UTAUFestival, eSpeak and MBROLA.

QTAU News:

Monthly BigBlueButton/Mumble/Jami meetings will take place monthly. The number of participants is limited to ten BigBlueButton , Mumble has no limitations. All Events will take place from 18:00 to 21:00 Berlin Time. You can also participate using the XMPP chat (below). If you have a webcam, you can come in cosplay. IsengaaraP's jami ID is 98f2876d46a2680ec0b9e5413907e80cee0ded3d. Just before each event a notifcation is sent to qtau-user(at)

We 31-03-2021 first GNU Lilypond/Sinsy workshop via BigBlueButton.
Fr 30-04-2021 postponed: second workshop (QTAU Tutorial) via BigBlueButton.
Fr 21-05-2021 first German VOCALOID/UTAU fan-meetup via BigBlueButton.
Mo 21-06-2021
Tu 27-07-2021
We 25-08-2021

There will also be an online QTAU Workshop on the weekend from 04-06-2021 to 06-06-2021.

QTAU Releases:

Next release is scheduled for May 1st, 2021.


There are two XMPP chats for QTAU, isengaaramusic will be in both chats every Sunday from 18:00 to 21:00 Berlin Time and during the Workshops. You can feel free to join the chats any time, even when isengaaramusic is offline.